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The Beaming White System

Get five shades whiter in only 45 Minutes!


Why pay a dentist to give you a brilliant, white smile, when you can now get the same results right here at Body, Health and Mind Day Spa at a much lower price? The Beaming White System has been developed especially for use in spas and salons, so you can easily get the smile of your dreams when you’re here enhancing the other aspects of your health and beauty! 

The Beaming White System is a professional, light-activated teeth-whitening system that combines the strongest, freshest gels with the high-powered Futura™ 2400 blue LED teeth-whitening light. 

The basic system utilizes the proprietary, 16%-hydrogen-peroxide teeth-whitening gel. The gel is too strong to use with whitening trays, so it has been developed with an original, paint-on system with a pen-style applicator brush. 

Safe and effective, the Beaming White System is manufactured and packaged in the US and registered with the FDA. It is made using only the highest quality, dental-grade, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients, in addition to some kosher and natural components.

How it Works

We recommend three back-to-back applications of 10-20 minutes each. The first application of the Beaming White System opens the pores in the enamel. The second application begins to visually whiten the teeth. The third application is the show stopper, giving you the beaming, white smile you want! 

At Body, Health and Mind Day Spa, we recommend following up with a take-home kit or pen to prevent color regression and to further enhance the results. We also recommend using our Minerals Enamel Booster to seal in the results, re-mineralizing and strengthening the enamel against any tooth sensitivity you may experience. But the Beaming White System is actually safe for sensitive teeth while still being highly effective. We even go the extra mile to protect soft mouth tissue with the use of a cheek retractor and Vitamin E swabs. 


Deluxe Teeth Whitening / $99+

Platinum Teeth Whitening / $150+

Before and After Photos

Body, Health and Mind Day Spa is proud to introduce this new service for our clients. Be one of the first in line to try the Beaming White System and start enjoying your new brilliant, white smile now!