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Hair Extensions


Natural Looking Hair Extensions in Johnson City, TN

What are Vomor hair extensions?

Vomor hair extensions are a lightweight and comfortable to wear extension. They provide minimal tension on the natural hair in order to reduce breakage and damage. You can customize your extensions with their diverse range of colors and lengths. We offer both hand tied and tape in extensions which can be easily removed and reinstalled to switch up your hairstyle.

Hand-Tied Extensions:

14”-  $200 / 18" - $300 / 22" - $380

Tape-In Extensions:

12” - $200 / 16" - $250 / 20" - $350

Application & Removal:

Hand-Tied $110+ per box
Tape-In $55+ per box

Hair extensions require a consultation prior to booking.


Q: What kind of Vomor extensions do you offer? What’s the difference between them?
A: We offer both tape in extensions and hand tied extensions with Vomor. Hand tied extensions are hand-sewn onto a thin braid that is attached to the natural hair. It’s ideal for those with fine or thinning hair. Tape-in hair extensions use adhesive tape to attach extensions to the natural hair. The application process is much quicker and creates volume and length without adding weight to the hair. Tape-in extensions do require more maintenance than hand tied extensions.
Q: How long do Vomor hair extensions last?
A: We recommend wearing them for 6-8 weeks, at this time they should be “moved up” (removed and reapplied) by one of our licensed cosmetologists. This allows the extension to always be at the root and not “fall” due to natural hair growth. The same extensions can be reused for around 6 months+ if properly cared for.
Q: Do hair extensions damage my hair?
A: No. They are safe, comfortable, natural, and discreet. Our tape-in extensions use a gentle adhesive so as to not damage the natural hair.
Q: What material are your hair extensions made from?
A: All Vomor hair extensions are exclusively made Remy hair with the cuticle still intact. The hair is collected and manufactured in a humane manner and packaged according to environmental guidelines.