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Platelet Rich Plasma


Get tighter, smoother and younger looking skin with our Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

The solution for gorgeous, youthful skin

Why Platelet Rich Plasma

A Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial, also known as a Vampire Facial, boosts collagen production to create tighter, smoother and younger looking skin. This rejuvenating facial stands out from the rest of the pack because it uses blood to revitalize your skin through microneedling.


How does a PRP Facial work?

Blood is drawn from your arm and spun through a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets that contain your own growth factor from red blood cells.

We then use a topical cream to numb your skin and hydrate your face before spreading the plasma (blood) across your face to stimulate collagen and elastin production. This procedure can improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and scarring. The results may take up to a week to appear and become brighter, dewier and leave with your skin feeling refreshed. A PRP facial is an investment into your future skin and the collagen stimulation can last for a year.



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Is a PRP facial riskier than a typical facial?

  • No. A Platelet Rich Plasma facial is minimally invasive. While blood is involved, it’s from your own body, meaning there’s no risk of an allergic reaction.

Is it painful?

  • We use a local anesthetic on your face to make a pain free experience. There will be a small prick when drawing blood but it’s an easy and painless procedure. Make sure to be hydrated for smooth sailing when taking your blood.

Does a PRP facial take multiple appointments to complete?

  • Our PRP Facial takes about one hour from start to finish. We take your blood on the same day as we do the facial so it only requires one appointment.

How long does it take to see results?

  • The results appear within a few weeks of treatment. The collagen production doesn’t happen overnight, meaning your skin will be improving for months.

How long do results last for?

  • The results of a vampire facial can last anywhere from six months to a year.

What happens with the blood drawn?

  • A tube of blood will be drawn from your arm and taken into our laboratory where the red blood cells are separated from the platelet-rich plasma. The platelets will then be used for microneedling or injected into the treatment area.