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Encouragement. Motivation. Resolutions.

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In Defense of Food
January 11, 2016
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Encouragement. Motivation. Resolutions.

2016 new years resolutions

Encouragement. Motivation. Resolutions. These are words that are frequently heard at the beginning of a new year and for good reason. We think of the start of the year as an opportunity to take a different tack, adopt a new behavior, and change old patterns.

Some goals are practical and measurable, like “I want to earn $5,000.00 more this year” while others are emotional and relational like “I want to be kinder to people.” Whatever change you hope to achieve, there’s a very good principle that will aid you on that journey: Start on the outside – literally your outside.

A new eyeshadow, different hair color, adopting a new skin routine—these are easy fixes that can create an atmosphere in which deeper changes are possible. It’s an encouragement to taking bigger risks. And taking risks is what brings growth.

We’d love to help you on that journey. Start with a phone call and ask some questions. We’re a spa and salon with an amazing staff and we can make suggestions from skin care to hair styling, waxing, and massage. It’s a new year. Anything is possible.