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Foot & Leg Massage Treatments


Foot & Leg Massage

An incredible way to bring relief to your tired feet and legs.




Tired Leg & Foot Treatment

An incredible way to bring relief to your tired feet and legs, this foot treatment is excellent for relief of aches and pains. This treatment helps to balance water retention, stimulate lymphatic flow, and energize tired feet and legs. Walk away with a tingle from the cooling peppermint gel used during this treatment.

Half Hour Session    $40.00


Utilizing reflexology and massage techniques, this treatment concentrates on the reflex points of the feet, which correspond to structures and organs of the body, reducing stress and tension, and restoring the natural flow of energy in the body.

Half Hour Session     $45.00

Hot Stones

Foot and Legs massaged with Hot Stones an extra special treat!

Add Hot Stones to any foot treatment    $10.00

Fabulous Foot Treatment

This includes a foot massage, exfoliation or mask and a paraffin dip with a warm foot soak in out massaging pedicure chairs. Does not include any nail shaping or polish.

45 minutes    $45.00




Paraffin Dip

Relaxing Warm Paraffin Dip.

Add a warm Paraffin Dip to any foot treatment    $10.00